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RF lekce / impedance matching

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Bude se hodit nastudovat i v souvislosti s K.

Course on RF design, complete with mp3 lectures
Index of lectures

http://engnet.anu.edu.au/DEcourses/engn ... ction.html

Impedance matching and Q...
http://engnet.anu.edu.au/DEcourses/engn ... ching.html


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Golden ration / Hector comments

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http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/20 ... 143909.htm

Hector - komentar z 10.01.2010 (skuste vlozit do translate.google.com dyz Vam to nic nerika... ;)
The cornu spiral I refer into early postings as Optical slit phenomena aplied to RE energy sums it all ..(1.618 ) all conversions & universal transmutations or permutations of ENERGY follow same basic nine rules in all dimensions . nine is 3 3 3

3 basic color 3 basic sounds 3 basic particles of matter .
the five point start gives the math to harness ZPE potential .
as also can be the most destructive power in the universe .

As in the MACRO so its in the Micro ....9 types of electricity exist in the universe all all are ruled by same laws..

laws are Dimension one (3) laws to 4096 laws (black hole inpass )

3rd dimension is ruled by 48 laws (4rt by 24) (5th 12) and so on.

As avove as bellow ... (the poem in seikes book ... )

Reread my posting on the sunflower pattern and adapt that to the flat pankake motor winding design .. (Its on the crop circles as a gift with no strings by thoose from avove that believe there must be no deceit as i also believe .

Its more important than you think , (Vital to understand energy transform).

The RV was designed to test OU generators with capability to be tuned as primemover in specific logaritmic set of amplification rules to 161.8% efficiency adding that to any existing OU generator it can loop itself .

as simple as that ....

It was tested & published using a reverse induction RE alternator with reactive OU power .

With any lenzless generator demostrated to be OU RV can run itself
in looped mode.

I have read about Pandoras generator cross magnets design over 20 years ago.

If its OU if its replicable off the shelf and if its cost efective
I welcome anyone to demostrate it ....

I demostrated RV with Ecklin Brown generator and all people were killed for it on their trip to demostrate it to senators of us
congress of greedy whores.

I survived & I ran and gave what i had public on RV R&D.
The only bloodsuckers are the patent getting renaming and apropiating
manipulating thieves that permeate this forums in search of fame & glory ..

Everryone here Knows that for YEARS i had invited other inventors to join in, being the only move by them to imitate , copy ,paste & rewrite history to accomodate their obsolete technology to shadow what I had given public & free, several patents and scams later, the status of general public does not change as they are constantly suckered into diversions of the real thing, Real thing start with energy saving management (primemover operation RV RE=RF theoretics ) to the alternator RE OU states to the low lenz design of alternators up to future 3500A 15VDC super homopolar generator designs i I has asked for support is to finish this .

The china woman wrote to me she had 1 billion R&D , but the bitch does not want to risk one million ahead ..

My brain cant be patented ,and any stolen DNA to make clones I can control at a distance.

So untill shit hits the fan or the pandoras box is opened & results in another wett dream with a hospital grade case of priapism under erotic delirium illusions i remain in watch.

(I had demostrated my cards) and realy grown tired of this self made heros with dillusions of grandeur to become manipulators of the masses to benefit only themselves & no one else.
Anyone can make an RV with off shelf parts . I sell NOTHING .

given all instructions free ... if i had asked for support is to give the rest of the technology public aplicating it to off shelf material but to see more than 65,000, internet hits a day and not a single son of a bitch from green piss (OPSS!) PEACE or any othe so called ENVIRONMENTALIST makes no move whatsoever to take the RV 90% energy saving by assault makes me wonder against what in the fuck are we facing here ?

$250 million can be wasted to save seal pups but the green piss son of bitches had not answered or inquired on over more than 1K emails
for over a period of 11 years is tragic ..

I even visited the green piss ship when it was on open house in mayaguez port trying to get support .

The guy I met was completely anty-technology talked me about a revolutionary movement to return to literaly monkey state . or I may say happy "copulating" monkey state ...

Later I discovered that Guy was the "Unabomber" who almost bombed me to death in SLC .... (missed the mark ) misstook target, I am not at fault here but the deluded idiots that follow the hypnotic light wistless and side shows.

Try communicating RV existance to any environmental group ..

The answer is total avoidance and its simple why ////

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it." - Lenin

And it ends with a carbon tax tag in the air your breath by taxing the caloric input of the food you eat .

So you guys dont feel bad if i push some egos into cow rectal
openings untill they afixiate in their own bullshit made methane !

This may end in a bloody confrontation with the freedom wanters and the slave owners .

and be sure the slavers are bound to loose ...

War Word III already started ... and is a war for freedom of the human race.

Thanks !

Hector :)

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par kondiku...

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